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How do essential oils help with appetite suppression? Aromatherapy, in particular, is thought to stimulate parts of the brain which in turn has a positive impact on physical, emotional, and mental states. The human nose can detect one trillion different odors and olfactory glands are capable of near-immediate interaction with the brain's amygdala and hippo campus – the seat of human emotions and memory. Inhaling molecules through the nose also communicates with brain receptors that control blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, attention span, learning, pleasure, and motivation. The oils in my appetite suppressant blends help in these ways: Curb cravings, boost metabolism, increases energy and endurance, and reduce abdominal fat accumulation, Suppress weight gain, enhance mood, aid digestion, and reduce appetite. To use: Shake well. Roll applicator to release fresh oil. Inhale the aromatherapy blend deeply for 5 minutes before each meal, and at times when you feel cravings between meals. Scientific studies show that the more often you inhale essential oils for appetite control throughout the day, the more effective it will be. Also apply aromatherapy to pulse points, neck and throat. For digestion, apply to stomach and massage with circular motions. Studies suggest that this aromatherapy can be more effective by changing up scents every day. Alternating between the citrus and mint blends every other day may be more beneficial than using just one of the blends every day. I have a master cosmetology diploma and a certificate in natural health and healing.

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